Jetset Airlines, LLC
Jetset Airlines, LLC
19711 Campus Dr. Ste 270

Santa Ana, CA
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Jessica Cooper
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Safety and Reliability:

We Promise; Jetset Airlines will continue to maintain the very highest standards to deliver unsurpassed levels of safety and reliability. Our Safety Management Team has qualifications and experience in hazard assessment, investigation, safety and reliability engineering, airworthiness and aircraft certification. Jetset utilizes a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS), ensuring risks are assessed and hazards eliminated before a flight is ever dispatched. Jetset aircraft maintenance standards exceed the required FAA and manufactures standards, not only to ensure safety, but also to improve dispatch reliability. Flight crew training and evaluation surpasses the FAA prescribed minimum requirements with internal skill and competency evaluations, additional training subject areas, supplementary training sessions and management scrutiny.

Value and Quality:

We Promise; At Jetset Airlines value and quality go hand in hand. Anyone can offer a lower price and anyone can offer exemplary service and amenities. Rarely can both these qualities be found together. Jetset Airlines guarantees that our competitive rates will always include the very highest level of customer care and service.

Client Relations:

We Promise; Respect is the hallmark of Jetset Airlines. Every transaction will be open and transparent. Our customers will never encounter hidden costs or unfulfilled expectations. Your trust is our goal.

Kenneth P. Steinhart
Jetset Airlines
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