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Torrance, CA
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Company Description
Our team has one focus:
To provide our valued clients the safest and most efficient travel experience possible.

SPS Air provides Efficiency, Giving you back your valuable time
- Bypass the busy interstates, airport traffic and expensive airport parking
- Bypass security lines, TSA, airport body scanners, and airport crowds
- Leave from the closest local airport to your business or home, board within minutes
- Fly fast, point-to-point, direct to local airports closer to your destination
- We fly to over 350 different airports on your schedule

SPS Air provides Opportunities
- To do things in business not available anywhere else at this price point
- To do things for pleasure not available anywhere else at this price point

SPS Air provides a highly individualized experience on your schedule
- Flexible enough to accommodate your last minute schedule or destination changes
- You can request a great flyover view such as the Grand Canyon or our beautiful coastline

SPS Air provides all this with the utmost in Safety
- Our pilots are among the most experienced in the industry, all are experienced Cirrus instructors
- Our minimum flight hour requirements are even higher than the major airline minimums
- Most technologically advanced single engine piston with an entire plane parachute
- Most stringent maintenance practices
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