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About EmptyLegMarket

Empty legs are the unsold segments on a private jet.  For example, a private jet is chartered one-way from Dallas to Miami and then the plane must be repositioned to Chicago for its next chartered job.  The segment from Miami to Chicago is known as an "empty leg" as there is no paying customer on the flight.  These non-revenue generating flights typically come at a steep discount - up to 50% off the normal jet charter prices.  Moreover, the customer has the further benefit and flexibility of selecting a departure date and time, within a designated window, making these "on-demand" versus "scheduled" flights.  

Typically, individual jet operators market these empty legs flights independently through their own website or through newsletters to select members.  EmptyLegMarket's goal is to create a transparent marketplace for this fragmented industry by consolidating these empty leg flights onto one site and making available an easy to use tool that allows customers to identify the best options and values for private jet charter, which in turn allows jet operators to more fully utilize their jets.  Customers now only have to visit one site to browse for empty leg flights instead of having to search through dozens of different jet operator’s websites or newsletters looking for a potential match.  EmptyLegMarket does not handle the sale of the empty leg flight but rather provides the customer with the necessary information to reserve directly with the operator.  Unlike other websites, EmptyLegMarket focuses solely on the empty leg private jet industry.  

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Disclaimer : EmptyLegMarket LLC does not own or operate any aircraft, nor does it perform any due diligence on the operators listed on this website.