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You must purchase a subscription to the website in order to post empty legs. EmptyLegMarket currently offers three levels of subscription services.  Each option allows you to post an unlimited number of empty legs to the system for a designated time period.

EmptyLegMarket provides private jet charter operators with a valuable tool to market their on-demand empty leg flights. This service allows jet operators to focus on their core business of private jet charter while gaining additional revenue from what otherwise would be unsold segments.

Other reasons to join include:
  • No middle man:
    Jet operators have complete control over the sales process and there is no charge or percentage cut for any bookings obtained via the website.
  • Get customers faster:
    Potential customers now have one central marketplace to visit when searching for empty leg flights instead of having to search through dozens of different jet operator's websites or newsletters to find a potential match.
  • Easy to use:
    EmptyLegMarket provides an easy to use tool to post and manage your empty leg flights that anyone in your group can use.
  • Flexible empty leg postings:
    - Operators can name their own price for an empty leg or indicate to the customer to call for a charter quote.
    - Operators can not only specify the plane size, but also the type of aircraft.
    - Operators can post empty legs by geographic region in addition to specific airports
  • Create a list of available empty leg flights on your website:
    Add a link on your website to your profile page on and have a high tech, low cost way to show potential customers your empty leg flight availability. No need to have your own IT person manage empty legs on your site.
  • Smart marketing dollar spend:
    EmptyLegMarket sole job is to drive qualified customers to the website. Instead of hundreds of different jet operators each trying to drive customers to their empty legs on their own website now they can consolidate their marketing efforts.
  • EmptyLegMarket pays for itself:
    If one lead results in an empty leg being sold than the service has already more than paid for itself.
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